• Why Doug Does It?

    Several years ago Doug was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. This potentially deadly disease usually doesn't end well, but Doug has always been tough. Doug underwent surgery to remove some organs like his gallbladder. Doug miraculously survived the operation and has been in good health since then.

    Doug, like most acute illness sufferers began his long journey of recovery. Because of the changes made in his digestive tract, Doug found that store bought, commercially available food made him sick. His body was unable to process the chemicals, radiation, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics that come attached to just about every food available on the market today, even “organic” food products were making him deathly ill.

    He decided it was time to get back to his roots and start farming and raising his own food again. Food he knew was safe from deadly commercial practices, food that was grown and raised the “old way” he remembered from his youth. He purchased a small plot of land in Ponder, TX and began farming and raising his own animals for consumption. Besides great exercise, Doug’s health became better because of the clean food he was raising. Soon family and friends were buying Doug's Beef, Pork and Vegetables; not just because it was healthier, but because it just tasted so much better.

    Doug realized that having clean, safe and sustainable food shouldn’t just be something reserved for people that grew up on a farm. Everyone deserves to be confident in how and where their food is grown. In 2011 Doug started selling the finest food money can buy and over those 7 years we have grown to serve tens of thousands of customers at 3 Farmers Markets in the area. Because we realize not everyone can make it to one of these 3 locations Doug has decided to start delivering his products to the D/FW area. Now anyone in the local area can enjoy grass fed beef, farm raised pork, free range chicken, fresh produce and so much more. Food that is not only better for you, but tastes better than anything you've ever cooked before.

  • How Doug Does It

    Doug’s farming and ranching roots go way back. His father, Marvin was known around town as Ponder’s right hand man and Doug picked up many of his fathers traits by tagging along with him as soon as he could walk. His father owned the cotton gin and grain elevator in town and he went to work with his Dad every day. As early 4 years old, Doug learned to drive a tractor so he could help his father at the grain elevator.

    Farming Is a Life Long Lesson

    As on most farms the day started early, around 5am. The chores of gathering eggs and feeding the animals had to be done before breakfast. As a child, Doug fed and cared for all the farm animals. Vet bills were not in the budget so he did his best to meet the needs of all the animals. Doug was always in charge of bottle-feeding the baby calves. While most found the chore to be tedious, Doug enjoyed working with the little calves. He liked teaching them how to drink from the bottle and seeing them grow as he cared for them.

    Doug Does It The Old Fashioned Way

    Farming and raising cattle was the leading trade in Ponder and Doug learned how to do things the old fashioned way. His summers were spent mending fences, bailing hay, and working cattle or hogs. Doug was taught to respect animals and treat them well. He learned how to create a healthy, sustainable food supply the right way and uses the same techniques today. It doesn’t hurt his feelings to be called “old fashioned”. He takes it as a compliment because he knows that's what it takes to produce lean, clean foods for his family and yours.

  • About Our Farm

    S&G Farms is located in Ponder, TX. Currently we raise grass fed cattle, pork & lamb. Every animal on our farm enjoys the freedom to roam and feed as they please. None of our animals are injected with hormones, antibiotics or sprayed with pesticides. Our meat is processed and packaged by Fischers Meat Market in Muenster, TX. Fischers Meat Market is USDA & FDA certified and inspected by the state of Texas.

    Our products are never irradiated or nitrogen flash frozen, ever. Products like sausages are minimally processed where necessary and never contain unpronounceable chemicals, preservatives, fillers, inks, dyes or MSG. We take pride in every aspect of production and packaging so you get the freshest, healthiest protein money can buy. Better taste, better health.

    While we do grow some produce, the majority of our produce is not grown on our farm. That didn't stop Doug from locating the best locally grown produce available. Doug began driving out and visiting farms all over the Southwest and even parts of California to locate farms that used the same "old fashioned" farming techniques that he did. Nearly all of these farms are Independent farmers just like Doug. By working with these farmers, and sometimes bribing them with some home made cookies, Doug is able to provide ethically grown, clean and fresh produce to you at the farmers market. Every bit of produce we sell is taken directly from the farm that grew it to the farmers market. Unlike grocery stores our produce does not sit in trucks, CO2 infused warehouses and distribution centers for months before it gets to your table. Its never sprayed with preservatives, or covered in wax to try to make it appear fresh. All of the produce you can buy at our farmers market was picked just a few days prior to your purchase. All of our produce is U.S. grown where available. Some items that can't be grown in the U.S. like Avocados are sourced from Independent farmers in Mexico. We never sell anything we wouldn't eat ourselves.